Thursday, September 4, 2008

Kracker Cats: The Real Mavericks of Wasilla, Alaska

I must begin with the Kracker Cat that looks like a dog - a St. Bernard to be specific. That's because when hometown girl and Alaska gov Sarah Palin gave her speech last night to accept the Republican VP nomination, none of the Kracker Cats who actually look like cats flopped down to observe.

Muzzy did not watch, but, as you can see, he kept one ear cocked toward the TV, so that he would not miss a word. I think he was waiting to hear her say, "Fetch!" or "here Muzz, here boy!" or, "Muzzy! Come and get it!" - the "it" being a steak.

She said none of these things. Muzzy would get no steak.

So this afternoon, a few hours before John McCain's speech, Sunflower and I took a walk with baby Wry, who actually rolled, since he traveled by stroller. Royce tried to follow. I had to pick him up, carry him back to the house, put him inside and shut the door on him.

Tonight it was McCain's turn. Jim entered the living room and walked across the coffee table, looking for a good seat.

Jim found his good seat. What he did not know was that Sunflower had already claimed this space for her arm, but had momentarily got up to give baby Wry some milk.

Sunflower returns. Jim hops down.

Had it have been me instead of Sunflower, Jim would not have hopped down. He would have waited until I sat down, then moved onto my lap. He probably would have come to my lap now, but Pistol was already there. 

That's Pistol's ears, framing John McCain. He looks pretty interested but, in truth, I do not think he cared at all.

As McCain speaks, little Pistol-Yero cranks his head back to take a look at me.

Pistol sometimes sees the world as if everything was upside down.
About three quarters of the way through McCain's speech, Chicago came by. This caused Pistol to get up and leave. Chicago moved into his place upon my lap and looked at me. 

Chicago and an adoring fan of John McCain.

Baby Wry did not want to sleep hardly at all today. He cried a lot. He did not care about politicking. He wanted his parents to come home.

Just as McCain said his final words, baby Wry's parents did come home. Wry was happy to see them. Toast Ed takes a glance at McCain as he basks in Republican applause. Muzzy, the Kracker Cat who looks like a St. Bernard, observes.


Standtall said...

Massive cats. I would love to see my cats this big one day

Princess said...

We are so excited for McCain + Palin!
I am happy to read your bloggie