Friday, September 5, 2008

Mean dog chases me and the cats away... for just a bit

I met this dog while walking and the only thing I had to protect me from its slashing teeth was my camera. I shoved the camera between the dog's snout and my tender flesh and just kept shooting.

Now I am tired. Not because of this dog. I am just tired. I need some sleep. Can't get any.

The first time I met this dog, it bit me. The next time I encountered it, its woman was outside, to call it back. "Don't worry about the dog," she reassured me, "she's really just a gentle sweetheart. Wouldn't hurt anybody. She's a real pussycat."

Look, lady, I know pussycats, and this dog is no pussycat!

I am going to take a break, but I will be back Sunday night. So you all come back, too, now.

That's how we say it in Wasilla, Alaska, home of those maverick Kracker Cats. "You all come back now." That's northern talk. Come back and visit the Kracker Cats. Not even this dog can drive them away. They are all napping, but they will back.


Team Tabby said...

Goodness, those are impressive pictures of...teeth! Mean teeth.

Mindy & Moe

Black Cat said...

My goodness, that does seem like a mean dog! Glad you're OK!

I've offered to take 2 of Standtall's cats and am now puzzling how to get them safely over to England. The rabies laws are very strict and all incoming cats and dogs have to stay in quarantine for 6 months unless they have "passports". I'm looking into this.

michico*Adan said...

Oah My God.....
That is very very scary.......
I never like angry dogs.....

Grahamn Kracker said...

TT - yes. VERY mean teeth.

Black Cat... Wow! I hope it works out! Then, in addition to trying to find my way to Nigeria to meet and photograph Standtall and her cats, and to Colorado to meet the little blond girl anonymous donors and photograph their cats, I must also try to find my way to England to meet you and to photograph these cats.

I have not the first penny for a such a trip, but I do have the idea, and that's a start.

michico*adan... yes, Very scary. I am apprehensive to walk past that dogs house, but I walk past in anyway. No one is going to keep me from walking the streets of Wasilla, Alaska.

You are back from your climb! I had better go check out your latest adventure.

And I will soon post your award. Still got to decide on the seven. That is tough. So many good bloggers out there!

SnowDevil said...

Next time you go by the house you will need some Muz backup.