Sunday, September 28, 2008

Watson and Jumper of Barrow, revisited - story of Kracker Cats will continue TOMORROW

Watson, of Barrow, revisited.

BELOVED BILLIONS UPON BILLIONS OF READERS THE WORLD OVER, and on the space stations and all shuttles too: I fully understand that you are all going nuts, out of your minds, just waiting for the next installment of the story of the Kracker Cats.

Be patient! I will continue that story tomorrow. I left Barrow late last night (Friday), Sunflower picked me up at Ted Stevens International Airport in Anchorage and then we drove home by way of Taco Bell and it was nearly 2:00 AM when we arrived at out house here in Wasilla.

I then learned that my youngest child, Nabysko, planned to participate in a protest gathering to take place on the Anchorage Park strip this afternoon and so I had to go into town to photograph her for posterity.

I will not say what she was protesting, for I know there are Sarah Palin fans out there and I do not wish to alienate any of you and besides, this blog is about cats, not politics.

Jumper, of Barrow, revisited.

I mention this only so that you will understand that I am very tired - no, one could say exhausted - and I spent the entire day in Anchorage, it is now midnight, and because of all of this I simply too wiped-out to put a Kracker Cat story together tonight.

But when something means as much to a daughter as this did to Nabysko and her father is a photographer, then that father must put his own comfort aside, he must delay his stories and go to town to photograph his daughter as she protests; once the protest is over, it is then only right that he go to a nearby coffee shop with she and her boyfriend and there sit inside for an hour or two so that the three of them can lay out the solutions for all the grave problems in the world, even if the politicians can't quite get there.

Jumper and Karla.

Once this is done, what else can a father do but accompany his daughter to the house of his other daughter, Tryskuit, who is off touring a swath of country from Austin, Texas, to Toronto, Canada? Still her cats need to be fed and that is why we went there - to feed the cats.

Afterward, it is then only right that the father then accompany the youngest daughter and her boyfriend to see the movie, "Tropic Thunder," a film that rises to the highest levels of absurdity.

I explain all this so that you, my billions upon billions of dedicated readers, will fully understand why I am too tired to write tonight - not even one word can I write, so tired am I. But tomorrow, I will continue the story.

Karla and Jumper.

This past Thursday in Barrow, I had the great pleasure of eating lunch at the home of Watson and Jumper, who long time readers will remember from that ill-fated trip that ended in me being medivaced 850 miles to the hospital.

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