Monday, September 8, 2008

Kiita! Let's go, Cat! - Just about time to start the real blog

"Stop!" I shouted at Sunflower as she drove us through the parking lot away from Arby's, where we had just eaten an exquisite, gourmet, lunch. The curly fries had proven to be particularly delectable.

"What!???" she shrieked as she hit the brakes, wondering who she had just run over.

"A cat!" I shouted again. "We just passed a cat! I must photograph it."

So I jumped out of the car and rushed toward the lady above, who had the cat cradled in her arms, just as you see here. She looked at me quizzically.

"Do you mind if I photograph your cat?" I asked.

"No, not all. Sure, you can photograph Kita," she answered.

Please. Click on the above photo so that you can see the cat stick its tongue out at me.

"Kita, as in Nikita," she reiterated, as I had her turn the cat this way and that, so that I might find the best angle of light.

Kita. Sounds to me like "Kiita," the IƱupiag Eskimo word for, "let's go!" When the people are all gathered on the ice, working to pull a bowhead whale out of the water, someone will shout, "Kiita!" and everyone will pull together.

When the basketball team runs onto the court, people in the crowd shout, "kiita!"

Okay, Kita - Kiita! Let's go!

The lady said Kita was a "rescue cat." The rescue had been recent, down in the Prince William Sound fishing village of Cordova, where the lady had just moved to Wasilla from. She said the cat was old. "It's hard to teach old cats new things," she added.

I should have learned more about the cat, but we were standing in the parking lot and cars were coming by and I became inexplicably nervous, so I let the lady and the cat go. First, though, I gave the woman the address of this site.

If she remembers it, and logs on, and contacts me, then maybe I can make a second effort and learn much more about this cat. If so, I will share that information here.

So the woman walked away with the cat in her arms and I got back into the car. Sunflower started to drive us away. "Stop!" I suddenly shouted again. "She's walking the cat on a leash!" But Sunflower did not stop. She kept driving, at parking lot speed. She did roll the window down, and so, with my little point and shoot, using with my left hand only, I shot the above photo of Kita going to a job interview.

Kita looks nervous. I wonder what kind of job this cat hoped to land? I wondered if the fact that Kita is growing old, that it is getting harder to learn new things, would make this job harder to land?

Actually, I have a theory about that. I figure Kiita already know everything. When one knows everything it is, indeed, very difficult to learn something new.

When we arrived back home, we found Royce sprawled across the bottom step to the front porch. He was surrounded by fallen, yellow, leaves. Summer is over. Fall is here.

When I started this practice blog, I said that, come fall, I would start the real blog.

H'mm... guess its just about time for me to do so. So I plan to, very soon.

More on this in my next post.


Standtall said...

When r you starting the real blog?

Grahamn Kracker said...

Hopefully, within the next two to three weeks.

I'm way behind on some other tasks, though, and I have much to do, so it might be a challenge, but two to three weeks is what I am hoping for. Maybe I will get really ambitious and start next week.