Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Travel delay - will post again ASAP

Yesterday, I left home on my first trip since I got injured in Barrow on June 12. Yes, I am back in Barrow, to see if I can somehow pick up where I left off. I came yesterday afternoon and I brought the raw materials with me to continue my posts, but last night, my internet connection was so bad I could not even load a page.

As you can see, it is now loading - but extremely slowly. I just finished a hard days work - the first day of work as a photographer that I have put in since June 12 - and I am not only tired, but my right shoulder and arm is very sore. I was careful, but still I was using my real camera - the big, heavy, professional one - and I had to put my right arm through motions and tasks that it has not done since June 12.

I kept the sling on all day, but still used my right hand - not to bear the weight of the camera - but to snap the shutter. I have returned to the world.

Hopefully, if this connection remains, I will post the next story tonight, before I go to bed. I can't promise, though.

Before I continue on, though, I feel I might need to clear something up, just in case my last post gave the wrong impression. My Mom was an excellent mother - kind and loving, ready to sacrifice for her children and all those she loved.

She just didn't know about pets, that's all. Pets was a concept she did not grow up with, did not understand, and found most difficult to accept. None-the-less, she was a wonderful mother and I'm both thankful and glad that she was mine.

May she rest in peace, for the final years of her life were torment.


michico*Adan said...

I think me and Adan could give you a big hug :)

Black Cat said...

I'm so sorry if I was one of those who thought your Mum was "hard". I was influenced, perhaps, by her stance on the duck. It is so difficult to break away from one's early conditioning and I can see that she found no reason to do so. I join with the delightful Michico and Adan (visit their blog if you haven't already!)in giving you a hug. {{{HUG}}}! I wish you all the best in your return to work!

I’ve given you some awards so please drop by and pick them up when you have time:) xxx

Grahamn Kracker said...

michico*adan: That imaginary hug gave me a feeling of warmth up all the way here in chilly Barrow, Alaska. So it must have been real!

Black Cat - It wasn't you at all. The thought came to me on the plane up here that, while what I wrote was true, I wanted readers to understand that there was more to my dear mother than her feelings toward animals (which never really changed, by the way. In 2001, I lost my original black cat and I was devastated and she could not grasp it.

"Do you really feel like this about a cat?" she asked, with an ever so puzzled look upon her face.

I am a regular visitor to michico*adan's blog. It is wonderful!

Thank you for the award! Time is pressing hard on me right now, but I will pick up that award and follow up asap, along with a couple of others - and I had been planning to pass one along to you, as well as some of my other blogger friends who appear here.

I will still do so